Freeman was educated at Lindfield East Public School and Masada College, St Ives, New South Wales, and subsequently at the University of Sydney (BA, LLB, MA, MPhil) and Magdalene College, Cambridge (MPhil, PhD). His tertiary studies included philosophy, law (for which he won first class honours and the Flattery Prize for Roman Law), classical Hebrew and Aramaic, and music. He is a Legal Practitioner of the Supreme Court of New South Wales and a Licentiate of Trinity College of Music, London.

Although his work has come to focus on aesthetics and philosophy of emotion, and is influenced by Wollheim and Collingwood, his philosophical education was primarily in the analytic tradition.

  • To read an example of his earlier philosophical work, “Diversity of Showing in the Tractatus”, a paper that he wrote on Wittgenstein before focussing on aesthetics, click here.
  • To read an example of his even earlier undergraduate work in Semitic studies, “The Date of the Book of Joel”, click here.
  • To read an undergraduate essay in legal history, “The Influence of Roman Law in English Courts”, click here.
  • To read an undergraduate’s case note on a recent decision of the High Court of Australia, “Conceptions of a ‘Foreign Power’ in Sue v Hill”, click here.
Freeman, Pink Study

Freeman, Pink Study